Product Photography in Chipping Norton

We’ve been doing some product photography in Chipping Norton last week for Wine Storage Solutions at their Cotswolds showroom.

We did some work for them last summer as well, so it was nice to be called back to do some more. Their wine cabinets are very impressive, and extremely well made, but they’re a bit of a bugger to photograph.

The glass doors reflect everything. The led lights along the inside of door can’t be seen very well when it’s lit up by our lights. The oak finishing is too light if the bottle’s and internals are exposed correctly. And the LCD display and buttons gets drowned out by the lights. All this means an awful lot of editing. We have to take different photos of the internal led lights, the wood features and the display and then merge these all together. Then we have to edit out any reflections in the glass. It’swell worth it though, as the finished photos look great on the Wine Storage Solutions website.

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