Business Portraits

Business portraits and headshots

A great part of our job is having lots of visitors to our studio, many of them for business portraits and headshots.

Business portraits and headshots are a very important thing is this digital age that we’re living in. It’s very true that a first impression is often a lasting impression. A lot of people’s first impression is formed when they see a business portrait online.

But a business portrait doesn’t have to be just a plain head and shoulders headshot. Props and activities relevant to the business can be a great addition.

Here’s a few we’ve taken recently.


Work Portraits for Thames Security Management

work portraits

We do lots of these type of work portraits. Photographing staff in their work environment is always great fun.

The guys and girls at Thames Security Management were a lovely bunch to work with and they all enjoyed their work portraits experience.



An Afternoon with Guy Martin

guy martin

We do lots of product photography for the Guy Martin Proper website.  Lots of hats, t-shirts, books etc. It’s all done in the studio using mannequins and white back grounds, pretty standard stuff that we do for lots of online retailers.

So it was a nice change to go and do some photos with Guy himself at his home in Grimsby.  He’s just like you see on TV, a grafter with lots of chat and lots of cups of tea.

We were shooting a new cleaning product, Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin,  both stills and video. For the video, he could just talk about it without a stammer or stutter as he washed his bike. No script, no rehearsing, just telling us about it in his own entertaining way.

We did some portraits of him wearing different hats, using the cleaning product, and just some general shots for use on the website. Here’s a few of the shots we came away with.





The Perfect Headshot

Getting the perfect headshot is crucial to your brand, especially if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur!  In an ideal world, your competencies would be judged on your skills and experience alone but a massive amount of research proves that we humans have a tendency to instinctively judge a book by its cover, wether we intend to or not.

So much so that allegedly ‘Split-second judgments of competence from facial images are positively correlated with real-life electoral success.’ PLoS One ….WOW! See all kinds of shocking and horrific stats here

So, in a world where your entire life’s work can be judged in a nanosecond, what can you do about getting your vibes of awesomeness  across in one shot?

  1. Hire a professional… you may have the best selfie ever but a professional photographer will know exactly how to capture you to peak peoples interest and get them clicking all over you!  Also, we’re probably not as expensive as you think we are.
  2. Look the part. Every industry is unique and wether you decide to go full business dress or baseball cap, dress to reflect what you do and who you are. For instance I would never dream of wearing a dress to work and so it would look really weird if I had one on my profile picture.
  3. Authenticity. Be yourself. It’s hard to know what to do with your face when someone is pointing a camera at it but don’t worry about trying to create the perfect expression… it’s your photographers job to get that out of you and a good photographer will make you feel relaxed enough to get across the real you.
  4.  Abandon your fear! We see so many people petrified at the thought of a headshot, even some of the biggest extroverts can cringe at the thought of their headshot being taken but we do genuinely believe that it should be a fun experience. You may even learn something about your brand through just chatting to your photographer about the shoot so it can also be a very rewarding experience.

We know that the perfect headshot is different for everyone and we enjoy getting to know the people that we shoot so that we can represent them in exactly the right way. 

Have a look at some of the fun we’ve had recently shooting profiles for all sorts of different characters.