Summer Catalogue Photography in January

catalogue photography

This is the second year that we went off to Calpe in Spain to do the catalogue photography for Simply Feet’s Summer catalogue.

It was decided to go back to the same place as last year, as that way we’d save time on scouting for locations and we could spend more time on the catalogue photography. Once again we were lucky with the weather, blue skies and sunshine, but again, very chilly. It does look very summery in the photos though, and that’s all that matters.

We used all sorts of locations, from the posh marina, to a not so posh wall on the side of a dual carriageway, to somebodies front gate.


Clothes Photography for Boxershorts UK

clothes photography

Boxershorts UK wanted some new clothes photography for their website, so they came to visit us last week with a selection of their microfibre underwear.

We needed to get both lifestyle shots and plain white background shots. The white background shots were all done in our studio. One the lighting and angles have been chosen, we could then quickly whizz through dozens of shots very quickly.

For the lifestyle shots, we used one of the holiday cottages here at Heath Farm, and the grounds around us.



The Spanish Shoe Shoot

model portfolio

Simply Feet, one of our product photography clients, asked us to shoot their Winter and Autumn collection of footwear back in the summer. It was easy enough to make things look wintery in the summer, coat, hat, scarf etc. We fulfilled the brief and got a great selection of shots for their catalogue.

But now, in January, we are photographing their Spring/Summer collection. First thoughts were to have a beach or marina setting, maybe Bournemouth, or somewhere similar on the south coast. But it’s so damn cold and wet this time of year. Nothing for it, but to head for sunnier climes. So off we went to Clap in Spain, with 80 pairs of shoes and 2 models.

It wasn’t as warm as we had hoped, but it was dry and sunny, which was good enough for us. So, after four days hard work, we got all the footwear shot in a variety of locations. We’re now looking forward to seeing them in print in Simply Feet’s new catalogue.