Palace 2 Palace Bike Ride For The Prince’s Trust

We were asked to photograph the end of the Palace 2 Palace bike ride for the Prince’s Trust which we were more than happy to do.  We done event photography for some of the organisers in the past so they new us and our work.

The finish was at Windsor Racecourse and the organisers had lots of activities and things going on.  They want pictures of the atmosphere, the participants, the families and so on.

We loved it, we even got to meet and photograph Chris Froome  and Mel Giedroyc amongst others.


Clothes Photography for Boxershorts UK

clothes photography

Boxershorts UK wanted some new clothes photography for their website, so they came to visit us last week with a selection of their microfibre underwear.

We needed to get both lifestyle shots and plain white background shots. The white background shots were all done in our studio. One the lighting and angles have been chosen, we could then quickly whizz through dozens of shots very quickly.

For the lifestyle shots, we used one of the holiday cottages here at Heath Farm, and the grounds around us.



Panasonic Toughbook Severn Trent

product shot

We really put the Panasonic Toughbook to the test at this commercial photography shoot in Warwickshire and we can safely say that yes it is drop proof, throw proof, smash proof and waterproof!

The brief was to show the functionality of the touch screen, detachable keypad and visibility of the screen in bright sunlight as well as the durability of the device itself.

We had great fun getting these product shots and we suspect, so did our model…


The Perfect Headshot

Getting the perfect headshot is crucial to your brand, especially if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur!  In an ideal world, your competencies would be judged on your skills and experience alone but a massive amount of research proves that we humans have a tendency to instinctively judge a book by its cover, wether we intend to or not.

So much so that allegedly ‘Split-second judgments of competence from facial images are positively correlated with real-life electoral success.’ PLoS One ….WOW! See all kinds of shocking and horrific stats here

So, in a world where your entire life’s work can be judged in a nanosecond, what can you do about getting your vibes of awesomeness  across in one shot?

  1. Hire a professional… you may have the best selfie ever but a professional photographer will know exactly how to capture you to peak peoples interest and get them clicking all over you!  Also, we’re probably not as expensive as you think we are.
  2. Look the part. Every industry is unique and wether you decide to go full business dress or baseball cap, dress to reflect what you do and who you are. For instance I would never dream of wearing a dress to work and so it would look really weird if I had one on my profile picture.
  3. Authenticity. Be yourself. It’s hard to know what to do with your face when someone is pointing a camera at it but don’t worry about trying to create the perfect expression… it’s your photographers job to get that out of you and a good photographer will make you feel relaxed enough to get across the real you.
  4.  Abandon your fear! We see so many people petrified at the thought of a headshot, even some of the biggest extroverts can cringe at the thought of their headshot being taken but we do genuinely believe that it should be a fun experience. You may even learn something about your brand through just chatting to your photographer about the shoot so it can also be a very rewarding experience.

We know that the perfect headshot is different for everyone and we enjoy getting to know the people that we shoot so that we can represent them in exactly the right way. 

Have a look at some of the fun we’ve had recently shooting profiles for all sorts of different characters.


The Spanish Shoe Shoot

model portfolio

Simply Feet, one of our product photography clients, asked us to shoot their Winter and Autumn collection of footwear back in the summer. It was easy enough to make things look wintery in the summer, coat, hat, scarf etc. We fulfilled the brief and got a great selection of shots for their catalogue.

But now, in January, we are photographing their Spring/Summer collection. First thoughts were to have a beach or marina setting, maybe Bournemouth, or somewhere similar on the south coast. But it’s so damn cold and wet this time of year. Nothing for it, but to head for sunnier climes. So off we went to Clap in Spain, with 80 pairs of shoes and 2 models.

It wasn’t as warm as we had hoped, but it was dry and sunny, which was good enough for us. So, after four days hard work, we got all the footwear shot in a variety of locations. We’re now looking forward to seeing them in print in Simply Feet’s new catalogue.


Wonders Of Wood

product photography

Wonders Of Wood have an amazing range of products. All of their products are hand carved from roots and stumps of trees from craftsmen in Indonesia. Their products include fruit bowls and animal sculptures and everything in between.

We’ve done quite a bit of product photography for them in the past, mostly on plain white back grounds. This time we decided to get some more lifestyle type shots. Hunt Bespoke Kitchens have a beautiful showroom just down the road from our studio. The owner, Teresa, very kindly let us use it this afternoon for a photo session. It proved to be a perfect back drop for these beautiful wooden pieces.


Sylvester Oxford Product Photography

furniture photography

Sylvester Oxford is an online boutique which offers you pretty vintage style accessories. They have an exclusive range of gifts and items for your home. We had already done a first product photography shoot for them a couple of weeks ago but we were more than delighted when Sylvester Oxford contacted us again for a second shoot.

There were roughly about 7 products to be photographed and I was put in charge of this shoot. Ivor helped me set up by placing the lights in a suitable location and lowering the white backdrop. What we did was have two lights pointing at the backdrop on a very high key setting so that the backdrop was flooded in light. We then placed two lights on either side of the product and had them set on a low/medium level so that if the product was white then it wouldn’t start to blend in with the background and not be able to be seen.

The camera settings that I chose were, ISO on 100 and I switched between aperture F11 and F13. I had to take three or four photos of the product from different angles, so what I did was turn the product to its side then zoom in closer on some of its vintage detail and then have a photo with the drawers open. The image taking didn’t take too long but it was the editing that did take a while. This is because firstly I had to convert all the images which were taken as a RAW into a JPEG. I then had to crop all the images to the preferred size and then by using Photoshop, fill in the areas of the photo which weren’t quite white enough. You have to be precise and careful with this as you don’t want to either make the image look too white or accidentally rub out some of the image. After successfully editing the images, I looked back at the work that I produced and was very pleased with the standard of the images and editing. This shoot was very enjoyable and very much a learning curve for me as it’s the first shoot I was in charge of.

Luc Ord